TROIKA LOOKING AFTER ČOVIĆ’S SONS-IN-LAW MM Energy granted second extension for Volujak study delivery

Volujak Rama

The Federation Ministry of Environment and Tourism has, for the second time, extended the deadline for Marko Soldo, Čović's son-in-law and partner, to submit a study for the construction of the SHPP Volujak.

The Ministry of the Environment has only just responded this morning to the inquiry we sent on March 11 this year, regarding Volujak.

“The environmental impact study for SHPP Volujak was not submitted due to a 60-day extension granted from March 5, 2024, which was the initial deadline for submitting the environmental impact study following the first extension”, explained finally this morning the FBiH Ministry of Environment. 

It's worth noting that the deadline for the delivery of the study started running for the Investors of SHPP Volujak, MM Energy Company, at the end of October last year, and expired in January this year. According to the ministry’s response, they initially received an extension until the beginning of March, followed by another extension until May 5th.

The Association dedicated to the preservation of Volujak expresses surprise at this situation.

“I am surprised by this behavior of the ministry. Although Hereditas came forward as an interested party in the case of Volujak, the ministry never informed us about the changes that were taking place. This is, therefore, the second extension of the deadline and an obvious concession to the investor. This is a more than surprising fact considering that it is publicly known that the ministry is headed by a person who came to that position precisely because of his advocacy for the preservation of rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Antun Kovčalija from the Hereditas Association.

Minister Nasiha Pozder emphasized in a previous statement that her personal stance is unequivocal.

Nasiha Pozder

“If you inquire about my personal perspective, I was part of the previous parliamentary composition where I not only voted but also actively advocated for a decision to prohibit small hydropower plants. Therefore, my personal standpoint is unmistakable,” Pozder emphasized. 

It appears that Minister Pozder's personal opinion may remain personal, while concessions are being made to Čović's relatives, similar to recent incidents involving BHANSA.

It’s also worth noting that Mario Krezić, one of the two Dragan Čović’s sons-in-law and an employee of Elektroprivreda HZ HB, co-owns the small hydropower plant Volujak project in the municipality of Prozor/Rama through the company MM Energy. His partner in this venture is Marko Soldo, the husband of Međugorje’s seer. The company that invests in the small hydropower plant project has a “friend” of Čović, namely the father of his son-in-law Pavo, in its ownership structure while the daughter of the seer Mirjana and Krezić’ partner Marko is part of the management structure. 

The extension of the deadline should not come as a surprise, especially given recent actions involving Čović's son-in-law, who manages BHANSA. 

Naša stranka, of which the minister is also a member, has proposed amendments to the Law on the Agency for the Provision of Air Navigation Services. The most significant amendment is that the agency’s management, including Čović's son-in-law Primorac, would have an unlimited mandate.

Dragan Čović (HDZ BiH), Ilija Cvitanović (HDZ 1990), Zdenko Ćosić (HDZ BiH), Marina Pendeš (HDZ BiH), Nikola Špirić (SNSD), Snježana Novaković-Bursać (SNSD), Radovan Kovačević (SNSD), and Sredoje Nović (SNSD) voted in favor, but ultimately, the proposed law was defeated in parliament. 

Following this attempt to extend the mandate of one son-in-law, the deadline for submitting the study has been extended for the second time. We have previously extensively discussed the untouched nature of Volujak, its plant and animal species, and the intentions of investors.

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